Canteen of Ilias

Welcome to Mandraki-Elias beach of Skiathos, at the south-west side of Skiathos, overlooking the Aegean sea and the Kechria beach of Skiathos. 

The snack bar is open daily from 10.30 am until about 20.00 in the evening. 

Throughout the day we serve numerous snacks, all kinds of coffees, refreshing cocktails, drinks and sodas.  

You can enjoy the warm sun of Skiathos using the wooden umbrellas and lounge chairs at the sandy beach of Mandraki-Elias, next to the crystal blue water of the Aegean Sea.

Getting to Mandraki-Elias beach of Skiathos is convenient and can be done in two ways;

  • You can drive towards the beach of Asselinos, and make a left up the mountain following the signs towards Mandraki-Elias beach (at the old horse training site)
  • In addition, you can drive towards Koukounaries, make a right towards Agia Eleni beach and bear right onto the dirt road-proceed as the road goes until you find the signs towards Mandraki-Elias beach